The European Commission Of Death

by Altered State

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released May 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Altered State Ghent, Belgium

We started rehearsing in the concertroom of a squat in Ghent, Belgium. Four years later we're still doing the same. I guess every bandmember brings his own influences into our sound. But things that unite us are definitely a love for Sepultura, an Anarchist view on life and stupid jokes.

Bass and vocals: Grunther
Bennekes & Jarnobill
Drums: Nille

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Track Name: Keeper Of The Faith
We are not the keepers of your faith
To all their own reasons to live
How about sincere initiative ?

Feed your burning flame
Go beyond your borders
Don't wait for orders

Subversion is a beautiful thing
It asks no favors, knows no king
Shouting with the band, raising your fist
That's not the same as the need to resist

Feed your burning flame
Go beyond your borders
Don't wait for orders

We won't be the catalyst for your hate
We are not the keepers of your fate
Awesome parties in our squats make us free
That line of thinking doesn't appeal to me

Feed your burning flame
Go beyond your borders
Don't wait for orders

Being involved in struggles can be hard
But there is something that sets us apart
The means to adapt, independent of the state
We can start over with a clean slate

Feed your burning flame
Go beyond your borders
Don't wait for orders
Track Name: It's Not Just A Job
It's not just a job

Another way of making money

Oppressor of all

You can never be an allie

Your choice has been made

Your fate has been sealed

Pathetic pawn of power

Prisoner of your master's fist

Forced to abide

Forced to play the game

But we are determined

And coming to destroy it

Knock it over, smash it,

Burn it fucking down!

Burn it fucking down!

Down !
Track Name: The European Commission Of Death
Bulldozing of plastic homes

by countless French police harassments

Living in the Calais dunes

under the stars ain't really romantic

Infections and skin diseases

or just the freezing winter cold

Paracetamol cures any disease

when you're out of cash

Various ways to die on the lands of Europe

Frontex keeps its enemies

at a safe distance below see level

Wait until a storm comes up

will you keep your boat afloat?

Six thousand bodies in ten years

swallowed by the depths of the sea

Surveillance drones at the coast

Heading north, a lethal risk

Various ways to die in the seas of Europe

You may choose to die on the plane

or after landing back in hell

Loyal clients want peace and calm

on their flight to paradise

Order will be enforced,

a pillow might maybe used

Smell the moldy stench of

European hospitality

Various ways to die in the skies of Europe

Plenty of ways to die

provided by Europe

Check the box of your choice

on the form
Track Name: Twelve Reigns Of Boredom
To hell with Patriarchy,

Reign of assholes

Steered by their testosterone controlled instincts

To hell with Normality,

Reign of assholes

Propagating majorities should kill the rest

To hell with Homophobia,

Reign of assholes

Brains drowned in catholic hypocrisy

To hell with Autism treatments

Reign of assholes

Convinced that their way of thinking is universal

To hell with Psychiatry,

Reign of assholes

Categorizing people as pathologies

To hell with Paternalism,

Reign of assholes

Who esteem that prejudices are the truth

To hell with Transphobia,

Reign of assholes

Only able to see the world in black and white

To hell with Education,

Reign of assholes

Forcing upon youth simplistic mainstream wrongs

To hell with Leadership,

Reign of assholes

Products of their childhood insecurities

To hell with Sexism,

Reign of assholes

Not smarter than neolithic fossil clams

To hell with Racism,

Reign of assholes

Afraid that the world will end if all 's not white

To hell with Court and Law,

Reign of assholes

punishing us to preserve their privileges

Twelve Reigns of Boredom
Track Name: Ten Thousand Eyes
Capitalism on death row

The rich become afraid

Fear of riots makes

the rules switch gears

Cameras on every corner

Electric eyes spying

on everything

we do

The monster keeps on growing

ten thousand eyes a day

Control technology

used against the suspects

Security psychosis

Everyone is guilty

Recognition software

The matrix has been put in place

Stab the monster in the eye

Glass spattered on the pavement

Spying gear demolished, destroyed

Stab the monster in the eye

glass spattered on the pavement

Public space reclaimed through sabotage

Stab the system in the eye

Glass shattered on the pavement

Spying gear demolished, destroyed